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Oleg Andruschenko


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📱 Whether it's a burst of laughter or the perfect response for your online interactions, Meme Soundboard 2016-2023 stands out as a delightful trove of pop culture nuggets. Developed by the creative mind of Oleg Andruschenko, this app provides a dazzling array of sound bites that spans from classic viral memes to the latest internet sensations. 🌟 With its user-friendly interface and a library that's continuously updated—keeping up with the ever-evolving meme landscape—Meme Soundboard has garnered a dedicated user base. 🎶 The app offers a unique browsing experience compared to its counterparts, thanks to the developer's commitment to crisp audio snippets and seamless playback. 🚀 Choosing this gem amidst similar applications comes down to its expansive collection and the high-quality of the samples. It's essential for anyone looking to add some flair to online conversations or just share a laugh with friends. 🗣️💥 For those ready to level up their meme game, Meme Soundboard 2016-2023 is a must-download. Its entertaining assortment of sounds will not only bring joy but also equip you with the right sound for any moment! 🎉👾 So, why wait? Jump into the world of sound-based memes by downloading Meme Soundboard today! ✨📲


  • 🔊 Extensive Sound Library - An ever-growing collection that keeps up with trend cycles, ensuring users have access to a variety of meme sounds.
  • 🎛️ User-Friendly Interface - Intuitive design makes for easy navigation and selection of sounds, enabling a smooth user experience.
  • 🔄 Regular Updates - The developer regularly adds new sounds, reflecting the dynamism of meme culture.
  • 📈 Organized Categories - Sounds are neatly categorized, making it easy to find specific types of memes or themes.


  • 📚 Rich Selection - From vintage internet classics to the hottest new memes, there’s something for every meme aficionado.
  • 👍 Quality Audio - Each sound clip is curated for clear audio, ensuring the best listening experience.
  • 📶 Offline Access - Many of the sounds are available without the need for an internet connection.
  • 🌐 Social Sharing - Integrated sharing options make it easy to disseminate your favorite sounds across various platforms.


  • 🔒 Premium Access - Certain exclusive sounds may require in-app purchases to unlock.
  • 🔠 Limited Search Functionality - While the categories are helpful, a more robust search tool would enhance the user experience.
  • 📜 Ad Intrusion - Some users may find ad placement within the app to be disruptive to their enjoyment.



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