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Juggling work calls, family chats and friends on WhatsApp can get overwhelming. 😵‍💫 WhatsAuto steps in to manage your messaging when you’re tied up so you can focus on the moment.️ 

WhatsApp app 💡 lets you setup automatic replies to incoming WhatsApp messages based on custom criteria. Create groups of selected contacts like “Work” 👨‍💼👩‍💼 or “Family” 👪 and configure a tailored response for each. When they message you during busy times, WhatsAuto will politely ping back until you’re free. No more leaving people hanging for hours! 😱

Customization makes the experience incredibly personalized. Beyond contact groups, you can craft unique replies using suggested templates or write your own. Some users creatively add randomness so responses seem more human-like over time. 🤖 WhatsAuto can even automatically followup with additional messages after the initial response to continue the conversation. 🔁

Setup takes seconds ⏱️ and WordsAuto handles the rest by reliably sending scheduled replies 95% of the time per user reviews. 👍 It works seamlessly across Android and iOS 🤝 and integrates with tools like Google Sheets 📊 to sync data across devices.


  • Selective Auto-Reply: Choose specific contacts and groups for sending auto-replies. 📲👥

  • Customizable Messages: Set up personalized auto-reply texts or use suggested responses. ✍️🔧

  • Welcome Message Feature: Automatically send welcome messages to new contacts. 🤝💌

  • Integration with Various Platforms: Compatible with multiple messaging apps and can sync with Google spreadsheet. 🔄🌐

  • Server Connectivity: Option to connect to your own server for tailored responses. 🖥️💬


  • Versatile Auto-Reply Options: Users appreciate the ability to create random, less robotic auto-replies. 🤖🔄

  • Easy Setup and Interface: The app is praised for its user-friendly setup and interface. 🛠️👍

  • Stable Performance: Recognized as one of the most stable auto-reply bots, with a high success rate. 📈🎖️

  • Cross-App Functionality: Works across various social media and messaging platforms, enhancing its utility. 📱🌍

  • Affordable Premium Option: Offers a one-time payment for premium features, considered cost-effective by users. 💳💰


  • Limited Custom Reply Features: Users desire more sophisticated custom reply options, such as replies based on specific incoming message criteria. 🔍🚧

  • Reply Time Issues: Some users encounter problems with the timing of replies. ⏱️❌

  • Syncing and Integration Limitations: While it can sync with Google spreadsheet, users are unsure about its website integration capabilities. 🌐🤔



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